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3lb Package - Italian or Carniolan Queen


~Bees that Please~

Easily order your honeybees online.  Let us know how we can help you continue to move forward in your beekeeping adventures.  

We are based in Western Wisconsin in the summer and the Pacific Southwest during winter months.  We make trips with loads of spring nucs to a number of locations branched out from our bases, giving us a chance to see the country and meet more beekeepers! 

3lb Package - Italian or Carniolan Queen

Package w Randy April 2018.jpg
Package w Randy April 2018.jpg

3lb Package - Italian or Carniolan Queen


Honeybee 3lb Packages with choice of Italian or Carniolan queen (spring open mated). Taking orders for Spring 2020:

During checkout, you’ll be able make notes on queen preference and pick up preference.

We’re producing these packages, so bees will be FRESH. California sourced queens; all 2020 young queens. Pick up preferred. Inquire on shipping options if Pick Up is not feasible.

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